Whale, Hello There

Rachel Chung
I'm Rachel Chung and am currently a senior at the University of Washington studying Informatics HCI. Some fun facts about me are:
  • I studied Biochemistry before switching to Informatics HCI
  • The mascot of the company I did my UX design internship at is a narwhal so when I saw the whale pun, I had to use it
  • I have a sweet tooth and love trying new pastries, ice cream, and frozen yogurt
  • My go-to pose for pictures is the V-sign (the photo above is one of the few times I didn't do it)
From back when I was studying biochemistry all the way to the present, my passion for helping to improve people's lives remains the same. I strive to empathize with users and to create designs that satisfy user needs, feel good, and look good.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a fin-tastic day! :)